• Question: Do you ever work with other engineers

    Asked by anon-20384 on 4 Mar 2022.
    • Photo: Brian Corbett

      Brian Corbett answered on 4 Mar 2022:

      I work with engineers in my team every day. We also work with engineers in Europe (e.g. Denmark, Belgium) and in America

    • Photo: Anna Zakrzewska

      Anna Zakrzewska answered on 4 Mar 2022:

      All the time! It takes many people and different skills to make things happen, from an idea and design to testing, manufacturing, installation and maintenance for many engineering projects overall.

    • Photo: Luke Molloy

      Luke Molloy answered on 4 Mar 2022:

      Yes I work with many engineers all of the time. There are many different types of engineers on all the projects, mechanical, electrical and process engineers. A successful project is all about team work!

    • Photo: Kyriakos Kourousis

      Kyriakos Kourousis answered on 5 Mar 2022:

      All the time

    • Photo: Charu Pande

      Charu Pande answered on 5 Mar 2022:

      Yes, I work with other engineers. A project has multiple needs which requires many people from different backgrounds to come together as a team. This is an essential and inevitable component of any project.

    • Photo: Diana Abrunhosa

      Diana Abrunhosa answered on 7 Mar 2022:

      Yes, i work with many other engineers daily and sometimes from different areas too! There is usually a big team in every project!

    • Photo: Laura Mehigan

      Laura Mehigan answered on 8 Mar 2022:

      Absolutely but not just engineers – I also work with economists, environmental scientists, sociologists and many other professionals. It’s great to work with others and get a fresh view on problems or a better understanding of all parts of the problem – and then we can help each other to try come up with solutions.

    • Photo: Andrew Butterfield

      Andrew Butterfield answered on 8 Mar 2022:

      Yes – I work with engineers and computer scientists all the time. Recently I’ve been working with software engineers from around Europe that develop software that runs on satellites.

    • Photo: Julie Raulin

      Julie Raulin answered on 14 Mar 2022:

      Of course! As an enigneer, you’re not supposed to have answers to all questions and problems, so having help from other engineers is always welcome

    • Photo: Aisling Lee

      Aisling Lee answered on 25 Mar 2022:

      Every day, engineers in my field are usually in teams as we realise many hands make light work.